Vanilla Prepaid MasterCard Online Gambling

Vanilla Prepaid cards from MasterCard are some of the most popular payment methods for casino deposits. They allow players to deposit quickly and anonymously. This post will tell you how to use Vanilla Prepaid MasterCard, and how it works in online gambling.

How does Vanilla Prepaid MasterCard work?

Prepaid cards must be physically purchased at stores. And then, as you activate a card, you can use it for online gambling and online shopping. Usually, there are many different locations where you can buy a prepaid card.

It doesn’t take a lot of time to activate Vanilla Prepaid MasterCard. Once you pay for it, it is already active and ready to use. It’s a safe payment method that doesn’t involve your banking details. This is why many players choose prepaid cards over debit or credit cards to play games for real money.

All Vanilla Prepaid MasterCard cards have chip readers, including the PIN code and heavy encryptions. By using this PIN code, you can deposit to online casinos. And the encryption technology protects your casino account.

MasterCard Vanilla cards come in different designs but they have only four denominations:

  • $25
  • $50
  • $100
  • $200

But mind that the prepaid cards have expiry dates. However, you can still use the money if you contact MasterCard customer support about the card renewal.

How to use Vanilla Prepaid MasterCard at online casinos?

Prepaid cards become more and more popular among casino operators and their players. So today, you will see a huge choice of casino sites that support Vanilla Prepaid MasterCard online gambling. Besides, almost all casinos, if not all of them, accept MasterCard and VISA bank cards.

Vanilla Prepaid is available only for deposits. Withdrawals are not accepted, so you need to have a different payment method for cash-outs. Here’s how to use it for deposits:

  1. Log in to your Vanilla Prepaid MasterCard casino.
  2. Visit the cashier page.
  3. Click on deposit.
  4. Select a Vanilla prepaid from payment options.
  5. Fill in your name, card number, and expiry date.
  6. Enter the amount of money you wish to deposit.

Confirm the request and wait till your money is transferred. It takes a second to send money from your prepaid card to your casino account. The process is very simple because you don’t have to pass authentication and other time-consuming activities to access online games.

What else should you know about Vanilla Prepaid?

Prepaid cards have fees when you buy them. It costs not only the denomination itself but also an activation fee. If you buy such a card with a foreign currency, you will also have to pay a conversion fee of 2.5%.

To conclude

Vanilla Prepaid MasterCard is a safe and easy-to-use deposit method that you can purchase at any local store or gas station. Besides, you can visit the official website of prepaid cards and buy one online. Once it’s yours, you can use it for real money online games and win more cash. However, consider a different payment method for your casino withdrawals.